Children’s Song – 小白船 Little White Boat

This post is also available in: Japanese バージョンはこちら

If you had to choose just one children’s song in Mandarin to learn, let it be this one!

It is popular not just among Chinese speaking communities, but also in Korea, since it is where it originated, as well as in Japan too it seems!

Here are the lyrics with pinyin and translation:

lán lán de tiān kōng yín hé li
In the blue sky in the milky way

yǒu zhī xiǎo bái chuán
There is a little white boat

chuán shang yǒu kē guì huā shù
On the boat there is an Osmanthus tree

bái tù zài yóu wán
And a white rabbit playing

jiǎng er jiǎng er kàn bu jiàn
No oars to be seen

chuán shang yě méi fān
Nor a sail on the boat

piāo ya piāo ya
The boat drifts along

piāo xiàng xī tiān
Into the western sky

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