Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 减少购买、重复使用、回收再造

This post is also available in: Japanese バージョンはこちら

Learn the 3R’s from a famous Chinese painter of the last century!

reduce, reuse, recycle

新阿大 (xīn ādà) New for the eldest 一番目は新品
旧阿二 (jiù ā’èr) Old for the second 二番目は古着
破阿三 (pò āsān) Torn for the third 三番目はほころび
补阿四 (bǔ āsì) Patched for the fourth 四番目は継ぎ合わせ

~丰子恺(1898年11月9日-1975年9月15日、著名漫画家、散文家 、音乐教育家、翻译家)
– Fēng Zǐkǎi ((November 9, 1898 – September 15, 1975, famous painter, writer, music teacher, translator)
(English translation by my good friend Shen Shi’an)

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