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A foreign language, being foreign, often sounds strange. But if we give ourselves a chance to get closer to it, gradually, it becomes something familiar, and might even become soothing to the ears. Windows open up, and life is filled with more vibrant and lively colours. It is my dream that Qiqi’s Lingoland become a platform where foreign language lovers could enhance their learning experience, and where even non-lovers could appreciate and enjoy the beauty of foreign languages.

colourful lingoland

I majored in Chinese and Japanese, and minored in English in university. Back then, I had no idea at all what I wanted to do in future. All I knew was that I loved languages, and I thought it would be wonderful if I could do something with what I was learning. I hoped to become a bridge that could connect the different cultures. It is my wish that Qiqi’s Lingoland could be such a bridge. I love sharing what I’ve learnt, and it is my wish that this site achieves that purpose!

Let’s get closer to strange and foreign lingoes. And remove the fence dividing ‘my’ culture and ‘yours’!


At the top of the page you can see three names for my site, but they basically mean the same thing.

麒麒语林 (Qíqí yǔ lín) –

Qíqí – my name
yǔ – language
lín – forest

アキコのリンゴランド –

アキコ – Akiko, my Japanese name
の – belonging to, ‘of’, similar to possessive s in English
リンゴランド – literal translation of ‘Lingoland’

*trivia: ‘yulin’  has the same pronunciation as ‘rainforest’ in Mandarin.
‘lingo’ sounds the same as ‘apple’ in Japanese – my favourite!

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