Hi there, welcome to Qiqi’s Lingoland!

My name is 黄方麒 ‘Huáng Fāngqí’. ‘Huáng’ is my surname, ‘Fāngqí’ my first name. (‘Qí’ sounds similar to the mysterious energy ‘chi’ – I’m not ‘Funky’!) ‘Qíqí’ is my nickname, and Akiko, my Japanese name. That’s a whole lot for one person, but well, I like them all! Students call me by various names too: Huáng lǎoshī, Fāngqí lǎoshī, Qíqí lǎoshī, Huáng sensei and Akiko sensei. ‘Lǎoshī‘ and ‘sensei‘ both mean ‘teacher’ – the former Chinese, the latter Japanese.

Here’s a bit about me: Am a true-blue language buff, currently learning Korean and Tibetan. I enjoy housekeeping and get a kick out of spring-cleaning. Big time animal lover and recharge myself by watching animal pictures and videos. Huge jigsaw puzzle fan and can’t stop once I start. Had zero interest in sports until I got hooked on Taijiquan (aka Taichi). Hopeless at maths and can’t read maps.

It is my dream that Qiqi’s Lingoland become a platform where foreign language lovers could enhance their learning experience, and where even non-lovers could appreciate and enjoy the beauty of foreign languages. A foreign language, well, being foreign, often sounds strange. But if we give ourselves a chance to get closer to it, gradually, it becomes something familiar, and might even become soothing to the ears. Windows open up, and life is filled with more vibrant and lively colours.

Let’s get closer to strange and foreign lingoes. And remove the fence dividing ‘my’ culture and ‘yours’!

Private language teacher
(Mandarin, English & Japanese)

JUS Language School
Chinese & English Language teacher

SIM University
Diploma in Chinese Language and Translation

Freelance translator

Doushisha University, Japan
Center for Japanese Language

ANA Airlines and Tekken Corporatio
Part-time translator/ interpreter

National University of Singapore
Majors: Chinese Studies and Japanese Studies
Minor: English Studies

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