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Hey! 12 Mandarin Interjections For You!

Is there a way to measure how much a new language is a part of you, or maybe, how much you have accepted that language into your system? I don’t know about you, but for me, when there is a need for some interjection and I spout it out in a foreign language, it is an indication that the language no longer feels that foreign to me anymore.

Look here! – A look at 看 kàn

Hey there, look here! This is a pretty basic word that most beginners would pick up very soon after embarking on their Mandarin learning journey. Typically translated as ‘look’, ‘watch’, ‘see’, ‘read’. If you have a good...

Quiz – Vowels 6 Simple Finals

Test yourself on your understanding of the six Mandarin simple finals and the four tones! Watch the latest video in my pronunciation series here. A. Choose the right answer. 1. e i ü a 2. o e...