Videos – Mandarin Pronunciation

Mandarin Pronunciation Lesson 5 – Initials (Part 1)

What are Mandarin‬ initials? You’ll need to know them well if you wanna speak Mandarin! Learn them in this video, with tips to say them well, as well as example words.

Mandarin Pronunciation Lesson 4 – Vowels 6 Simple Finals

Do you know the Mandarin vowels? Whether you are new or advanced in Mandarin, you do want to get the pronunciation basics right. Check out the first set of vowels – 6 simple-vowel finals, complete with examples and tips on avoiding common mistakes!

Mandarin Pronunciation Lesson 3 – 不(bù) and 一 (yī) tone changes

Confused about 不(bù) and 一 (yī) tone changes? Whether you’ve been learning quite a bit, or if you’re a beginner, get the tone changes all sorted out here! Don’t forget to try out the quiz to make sure you’ve understood them all!

Mandarin Pronunciation Lesson 2 – 3rd Tone Rules

Learn the rules of the 3rd tone and say Ni Hao like a native!

Mandarin Pronunciation Lesson 1 – Four Tones

Four tones explained. New to Mandarin pronunciation? Start here!

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