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Hey! 12 Mandarin Interjections For You!

Is there a way to measure how much a new language is a part of you, or maybe, how much you have accepted that language into your system? I don’t know about you, but for me, when there is a need for some interjection and I spout it out in a foreign language, it is an indication that the language no longer feels that foreign to me anymore.

一分钱一分货 You Get What You Pay For

Since we’re on the topics of shopping and money (videos here and here; audio list here) on the Mandarin Weekly series, I thought it’d be apt to introduce this proverb. Scroll down for the explanation and examples. So, what...

背猫走天涯 Kitty Back Ride

I’ve been seeing this photo circulating around, and every time it never fails to make me feel like pinching the faces of these little cuties. They sure warrant a dedicated piece! What came to mind the moment...